Out of 74 people polled, ages 17-27, 12 had one or more tattoos.

Out of 36 men surveyed, 7 had tattoos.

Out of 43 women surveyed, 5 had tattoos.

The majority of those surveyed (six people) had one tattoo. Two people had more than five.

Of the 12 people with tattoos surveyed, only one said they wouldn't get more.

Of 60 people without tattoos, 13 said they were planning to get some, 42 said they wouldn't, and seven said it was a possibility.

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A survey of 74 college-age students revealed that most don’t want tattoos. Only 16.2% of people between ages 17 and 27 had tattoos, and only 21% of those without tattoos said they planned to get any.

“My main reason I never want a tattoo is because, looking forward to the future, I don’t want something sliding and looking awkward,” said Cal Poly student Sean McMinn.

Those who do have tattoos, however, are almost all overwhelmingly in favor of getting more.

Lana Hoyer, who has three tattoos, said, “I would be covered by now if I didn’t like my body so much. But I do plan to get more.”

Most college students with tattoos only have one, though they don’t plan to stop there.

“I’m thinking of adding to mine,” said student Molly Baker, who has a heart tattoo that she wants to build on.